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NOS - New Old Stock - Old Appliance Parts

The world is in the throes of recession these days and it's only getting worse. The economy is stalling and the purchasing power of people is dwindling. So much so that people don't want to spend money on any new gadgets or equipment even when their appliances stop working or develop problems. They would rather get them repaired. Broken appliances are often times still usable to a person with knowledge; however the replacement of parts can be a dicey affair. Nowadays, new models of household appliances are replacing the older ones almost every day. Hence, the faster the models get replaced, the faster the older models become obsolete and it becomes difficult to locate their parts!

It has been observed in most of the cases that an appliance breaks down due to a malfunction, short circuit or blown fuse. When this happens in most instances the repair guy will need a replacement for the part in order to get the piece of equipment working again. When the problem lies in a broken or damaged part, a repair cannot be successful without replacing the part. So if the part is not replaced, then that piece of equipment is only good for one thing and that's the garbage. The problem that occurs with parts is not for the newer models, as they are still manufactured and parts readily available, the problem is with older models because they become obsolete and the same goes for any necessary spare parts.

What is the meaning of an obsolete part.

If you look at any particular model of any kind of home equipment or appliance, you will find that it's made out of an assembly of parts and mechanisms which are unique to a particular model or design. These components give the equipment or the model its true identity. These components are the reason why a model is able to score over its competitors and advertise the advantages that it has over the other models. The makers of these appliances test them using a variety of performance tests and then are able to estimate the approximate life span of the appliance. Based on their calculations, they make the spare parts for the number of years that the models are produced and are estimated to last. After those years, these models are deemed obsolete since newer versions take their place and the manufacturers stop making these spare parts.

Most times, a well cared for appliance often lasts longer than its expected manufacturers lifetime. However, as the age increases, problems do arise. To add to it, most of the times certain parts need replacement to correct the issues faced, but since the machines aren't manufactured anymore and are very old, there are no more parts available, therefore tje repairman finds it difficult to repair these appliances. However, this problem can now be solved by some companies that have a warehouse full of Obsolete Appliance Parts, they are rare, but do exist! Try finding them on the internet. And don't give up looking quit looking for a spare part since we might just have it!

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